Bait Shaft

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Bait Shaft rods are the workhorses predator fishing. These baitcaster rods distinct themselves by their striking but elegant looks and sturdy finish. The handle is specially shaped to get the most comfortable grip possible during fishing. The heavy duty X7 graphite really makes this series perfect for heavier fishing.

Bait Shaft Blade & Bait (EX-) Fast 180/1
Short and feisty baitcaster rods which are easy to handle and control. It has the exact length to present jerkbaits and blade-baits in the most effective way.

Bait Shaft Classic Jerk (EX-) Fast 195/2This 2-piece Jerkbait rod has a versatile casting weight of 30 to 100 gram. The short length makes this rod suitable for working jerkbaits all day long, or to hold during trolling. A very pleasant rod to use with an outstanding parabolic action.

Bait Shaft Classic Jerk (EX-) Fast 210/1
The extra fast action combined with a casting weight of 40-120g provides the right diversity that you are looking for in a classic jerkbait rod. It will give you the trust to manage the encounter with the largest of Esox.

Bait Shaft Swimbait (EX-) Fast 210/1
Fishing with heavy swimbaits is one of the standard weapons in predator angling nowadays. Thanks to the extra stiff X7 graphite blank, making the ‘figure eight’ is a piece of cake with the largest and heaviest lures.

Bait Shaft Swimbait (EX-) Fast 240/2
A rod that can be easily labelled as a musky rod. This 2.40m casting canon will not give in an inch when casting big softbaits and swimbaits such as the BBZ-1 8 inch.

Bait Shaft Big Bait (EX-) Fast 225/1
As the name evolves this model allows you to start with big and heavier lures. Even with lures as large spinners and plugs that have a big resistance in the water, this rod keeps sufficient back bone to set the hook effectively and securely.

Bait Shaft Big Bait (EX-) Fast 240/2
Two pieces all-rounder rods with phenomenal action for casting medium-heavy to heavy lures. Also perfect for trolling from boat.

Bait Shaft Cast & Troll (EX-) Fast 270/2
The Cast & Troll 2.70 is an extremely powerful rod with a progressive action. Outstanding rod to use in a rod rest while trolling for big pike with heavy lures. This rod has a great backbone so there is always enough hook setting power available even under high pressure. Besides trolling this rod is also a casting dream for those who like to fish active with big lures such as spinners, spinnerbaits and softbaits.


Code Baitshaft Length Transp.
Weight C.W. Sections
2427 180 Blade & Bait 1,80m 1,80m 135gr 20-85gr 1
2427 190 Classic Jerk 1,90m 1,02m 126gr 30-100gr 2
2427 210 Classic Jerk 2,10m 2,10m 164gr 40-120gr 1
2427 241 Swimbait Ex-Fast 2,40m 1,26m 258gr 60-170gr 2
2427 225 Big Bait 2,25m 2,25m 174gr 30-110gr 1
2427 270 Cast&Troll 2,70m 1,40m 205gr 30-110gr 2