Softbait Spiral Stinger

Softbait Spiral Stinger
Fishing with softbaits is becoming increasingly popular and the demand for versatile rigging systems is at an all-time high. The Softbait Spiral Stingers are designed with a special spiral that screw that is easily fixed on softbaits. Each stainless steel spiral has a fixed eye on the underside forming a secure connection with the rig. The universal Spiral can be combined with 7 different weights ranging from 5 to 28g. Each Softbait Spiral comes included with 1 weight. Each stinger features a Gamakatsu 18NS treble hook.

NEW 2018 LargeMade With Gamakatsu Large

Code Length Weight Hook Model Hook Size Br. Str. Lb Br. Str. Kg Length Softbait
4628 001 5cm 5gr 18NS 2 100lb 45,5kg 11-14cm
4628 002 7cm 7gr 18NS 2 100lb 45,5kg 12-16cm
4628 003 9cm 10gr 18NS 1 100lb 45,5kg 13-18cm
4628 004 10cm 10gr 18NS 1+2 100lb 45,5kg 14-20cm
4628 005 13cm 14gr 18NS 1/0 + 1 100lb 45,5kg 16-24cm