Iris Fatboy

Iris FatboyNew2019
The Iris Fatboy from Spro combines various unique features in an attractive and compact lure design. The realistic bulbous profile combined with oversized holographic eyes triggers the optic senses of cautious predators. Packed with a superb and distinguish rolling action, heavy internal rattle and suspending body, the Iris Fatboy could be your # 1 choice when targeting predators.

Simply cast and retrieve the Iris Fatboy, and it will do its “seductive dance” between 30 and 100cm deep. Twitch or jerk it for a more erratic action, and troll it behind the boat to cover large areas in a short amount of time. When suddenly stopped the Iris Fatboy suspends like a real prey fish, which makes it the perfect target for the predators you are aiming for. Go out and get them!

Made With Gamakatsu Large

Code Color Length Weight Hook Size Action
4867 1501 Fire Tiger 8,5cm 24gr #2 Suspending
4867 1502 Readhead Tiger 8,5cm 24gr #2 Suspending
4867 1503 Roach 8,5cm 24gr #2 Suspending
4867 1504 Perch 8,5cm 24gr #2 Suspending
4867 1505 Sunburst 8,5cm 24gr #2 Suspending
4867 1506 Shad 8,5cm 24gr #2 Suspending
4867 1507 Mackerel 8,5cm 24gr #2 Suspending
4867 1508 Hot Perch 8,5cm 24gr #2 Suspending
4867 1601 Fire Tiger 11,5cm 58gr #1 Suspending
4867 1602 Readhead Tiger 11,5cm 58gr #1 Suspending
4867 1603 Roach 11,5cm 58gr #1 Suspending
4867 1604 Perch 11,5cm 58gr #1 Suspending
4867 1605 Sunburst 11,5cm 58gr #1 Suspending
4867 1606 Shad 11,5cm 58gr #1 Suspending
4867 1607 Mackerel 11,5cm 58gr #1 Suspending
4867 1608 Hot Perch 11,5cm 58gr #1 Suspending