Fishing the Ikiru Crank’s on the river. (part 1)

Fishing the Ikiru Crank’s on the river. (part 1)

By Eddy te Mebel

3 seasons ago I started using the Ikiru series from SPRO. Initially I thought these lures might be a bit small even though I loved the styles and shapes. I tend to use big lures when targeting bigger fish and I wrongly thought that by using these little lures I would catch smaller fish. Never the less I gave them a try and I was amazed!

Ikiru 1 577
Time to try something different…

There are several lures in the Ikiru series that suit my style of angling. Over the coming weeks I will share my experience and results using this cracking range of lures. This edition I kick off with the Ikiru Crank’s available in 3 swimming depths.

The Battlefield
The Ijssel and Neder-Rijn are two beautiful Dutch rivers and luckily they are close to my house meaning I can spend quite some time fishing them. Rivers are full of different species meaning every catch is a surprise. There is also a lot going on at the rivers which makes it very exciting to fish, yet you have to stay concentrated because of the big freight ships and pleasure boats.

Ikiru 2 577
Rivers are often part of the scenery where I fish.

The divinglips…
The Ikiru Cranck of 6cm is available with three lipsizes for different depths.
- The Shortlip (SL) goes to 1,2m deep
- The Longlip (LL) is good down to 1,8m deep
- And the Ikiru Crank XXL dives to 2.5m deep

Ikiru 3 577
The different lip sizes.

Most of the time I use the LL version fished on 0,12 dyneema line fished as close as possible to the bottom. You do need to take care though, the rivers are littered with obstacles and snags so you will get stuck once in a while. You can get these lures deeper by using light material and they can reach depths of 3 to 4 meters when fished right.

Ikiru 4 577
This zander took the Ikiru Cranck just above the bottom.

I always make the effort to get the lure down because for me I get more bites. Mainly I troll amongst the structure at a depth of around 3m. Amongst the structure the depths can often vary and on my local rivers the change in depth can be huge, form 2 to 6 meters, so I run my lure to 3 meters and try to actively follow this depth keeping it as close to the bottom as possible at all times. Sometimes it gets even shallower and I need to raise the tip of the rod, a bit of bouncing against the bottom won’t do any harm because you now you’re at the right depth, again be careful though because it will cost you a few lures.

Ikiru 5 577

Loads of species.
My experience is that when I fish with the Cranck is that they are perfect and that they always produce fish. Catching everything from perch to zander from pike to asp’s. 4 species in 1 day is a regular occurrence and once in a while even catfish smashes into these little crackers!  This is one of the reasons I like this lure and has quickly become an important weapon in my box.

Ikiru 6 577
Catching loads of different species ensures a great day!

Eddy te Mebel    

Check out this full range here

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 Fishing the Ikiru Crank’s on the river. (part 1)

3 seasons ago I started using the Ikiru series from SPRO. Initially I thought these lures might be a bit small even though I loved the styles and shapes. I tend to use big lures when targeting...

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