FreeStyle Team Benelux Expands for 2018

FreeStyle Team Benelux Expands for 2018

By Rocky van Duijvenvoorde

In the time between Christmas and New Year the three of us managed to get together. It was an opportunity to chat about our great sport, and of course, take a closer look at the new FreeStyle products!

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Rocky hits the streets with new FreeStylers

During the morning we discussed the FreeStyle philosophy. The new FreeStylers are enthusiastic and will support us with promotion on shows, open door days and during competitions/ events.

First, I’d like to introduce Freddie Alves to you. Freddie is an experienced street angler with plenty of experience using special techniques and specialist knowledge of softbaits and creatures.

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Freddie Alves

Freddie fishes often from bellyboat as well as the bank and is therefore a perfect all-rounder within the team. During our afternoon session it is clear to see Freddie masters pretty much all techniques; catching one after another on a 2 gr. micro jig and Carolina-rig.

Secondly I’d like to introduce you to Bart van de Walle. Most of you will know Bart as a fanatic competition angler. He has won many titles in the street fishing, belly boating and boat fishing discipline.

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Bart van de Walle.

Bart is active in organising competitions in the area of Groningen, one of the Northern provinces in The Netherlands. Bart has huge knowledge about experience in urban fishing.

Both Freddie and Bart will help Rocky with the promotion of the FreeStyle range.

Today we were fishing with the new Slug Shads from the new URBAN PREY lure series. It is a slim softbait which is available in 37 and 73mm. The Urban Prey shows a surprisingly attractive action so our first impression is a really good one.

Freestyle Benelux Expands 577Px 004

Urban Prey Slugs come in natural and bright colour designs so they can be used on all types of waters.

After our cold and wet first session, we enjoyed a nice cup of hot chocolate. We look forward to get out there again, together with the German team.

We hope to meet you somewhere along the urban banks or at a show, and we are glad to help you with all your questions about the urban fishing. Follow us on  Facebook en Instagram:  SPRO FreeStyle.

Rocky van Duijvenvoorde - FreeStyle Consultant

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In the time between Christmas and New Year the three of us managed to get together. It was an opportunity to chat about our...

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