Insync 2.0 more accurate more sensitive.

Insync 2.0; more accurate, more sensitive.

By Team Spro

Casting further, more accurately, lighter and more sensitive with a larger variety of lures, that’s the new generation Insync 2.0 rods in a nutshell. 

Insync 2 001

The Microwave Nanolite™ guides from American Tackle play a major role in this series. These special guides greatly enhance your angling, specifically casting, convincing more and more anglers to make the switch. 

What makes Insync 2.0 different?
The slim and ultra-strong hi-modulus carbon blanks of Insync 2.0 rods are incredibly lightweight thanks to the combined use of different carbon materials to an extreme high density. Special fibres and T-glass are combined together very compactly with a carbon tape winding which prevents the blanks from breaking and cracking, even in heaviest conditions. 

Insync 2 006

One important detail is the low resin content that is used in the rod production. This technology makes the Insync 2.0 rods even stronger and more sensitive.

Insync 2 002

All rods come with a Nanolite™ Microwave guide setting, hard EVA handles and a special reel holder made up of a premium screw-down foot grip and a lightweight carbon tube.

Microwave Nanolite™
Both series, Insync and Insync 2.0 carry Microwave Nanolite™ guides which provide the perfect line control system for spinning and baitcasting rods. These guides reduce the waved spooling memory of monofilament lines and they are great for braided lines too.

Insync 2 003
Conventional guide setting

Insync 2 004
American Tackle Micro Wave guide setting

You really have to see and feel it to believe it! These guides offer significant benefits against conventional guides and combine science, practical application and the latest in rod building techniques.

The advantages of the micro wave guide system

• Increased casting distance;
this is achieved by capturing and directing energy into forward motion maintaining line speed.

• Reduction in fatigue;
less force is required for casting using increased line speed because the blank will load and recover more naturally without inhibition from increased line vibration.

• Increased casting accuracy;
using less force when applying forward energy allows precision targeting during casting.

• Effortless Casting;
the Microwave system reduces the vibration of the line against the rod and eliminates abrasion from the line inside the guides so that reaching a better casting result becomes so much easier.

• Increased lure range of rod;
using controlled energy, lighter & heavier lure weights can be used without rod blank materials compensating for lost efficiency.

• Wind knot tangling elimination;
converts ‘pushing line energy’ through a guide ring into ‘pulling line energy’ preventing line from traveling beyond the larger stripper guide ring not allowing it to override the frame creating wrapping or knot formation. If that is not enough, it utilizes the Microwave new Snag less running guides out to the tip.

Insync 2 005
Wind knots run smoothly through the Micro Wave guides

• Compact line spooling;
thanks to the size and placement of the guides on the rod, the line spools more compact on to the reel. This results in easier and more precise casting too.

• Improved balance;
one set of Microwave Nanolite™ guides weighs significantly less than a set of conventional guides. This has a positive result on the overall weight of the rod and considerably improves its balance.

• Best action performance;
the feet of Microwave Nanolite™ guides are smaller so that the original action of the blank reaches its full potential.

Available models
The Insync 2.0 series consists of 5 baitcasting models, 7 spinning rods and 4 travel rods.

Insync 2 007

For more information about the individual models, please click here.

Team Spro

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 Insync 2.0 more accurate more sensitive.

Casting further, more accurately, lighter and more sensitive with a larger variety of lures, that’s the new generation Insync 2.0 rods in a nutshell. 

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