Tackling rivers with the Ikiru Cranck

Tackling rivers with the Ikiru Cranck (Part2)

By Eddy Te Mebel

In Pt 2 I will look in depth at the Ikiru Cranks, diving depths, specifications and importantly which situations I use these lures.

Ikiru Crank Deel2 577 1
Little Beauty’s

Ikiru Crank SL
SL Means Shortlip. This is the lure designed to stay in the upper layers of the water up to about 1.20m depth.
This crank has an awesome wobbling action and I use this one mainly in the shallow margins around likely fish holding areas.

Even on the rivers where depths are up to 8m you regularly find fish tucked away in the margins, I regularly catch fish on less the 50cm water right under the surface. In these situations this little lure is a cracker!

This is my choice for small ditches, creeks and city ponds too, it is perfect. Besides that this lure is ‘Slow Floating’ what means that when you keep it still it slowly rise up to surface. That is often the time predators attack the Crank.

Ikiru Crank Deel2 577 2
Give the shallows a try.

Ikiru Crank LL
LL Is standing for Long lip. And personally this is one of my favorite models. This one is recommended for diving depths for about 1.8m, but if you remember in part one I said that with a thin braid and in the right circumstances you can reach depths as far as 4 meters. Also important is that these lures swim straight without wobble, even in a strong current.

In the summertime I love using the cranks because they really come into their own during this period. I catch lots of fish on the method, and not just small fish but big fish too even Catfish and asp visit the boat once in a while. Because these lures are perfectly balanced they are perfect to use in the slipstream, where the takes can be super aggressive! Slow takes will also happen, that’s when they are sure of their pray.

Ikiru Crank XXL
XXL Stand for Extra long lip. These lure has the longest divinglips in the range and dive the deepest. In situations when you want to fish deeper than 4m these are the ones to use. Most of the time I will use this lure on my ‘sleeper rod.’ In my hand I use a shorter rod and in the rod rest a longer one. This way you will keep the lines separate from each other. That will come in handy when taking a turn and you won’t have to worry that you will get stuck on the other line.

Ikiru Crank Deel2 577 3
I use this deepdiver to reaches depths of 4m +.

Both rods (hand rod and sleeper rod) Needs to be tight, light and sensitive. My rods of choice are the Titan’s and Special Force. These rods are super responsive and feel every swirl and knock which is very important so I know I’m almost on the bottom that’s how I know I’m on the right depth and have the best chance to catch. The XXL lure doesn’t pull that hard on the rod tip either, even at that depth as well of course it’s a bit more than the LL but that is the consequence of a bigger lip.

Ikiru Crank Deel2 577 4
Lovely Perch caught close to the bottom.

Ikiru Flat Crank
The Flat Crank is available in 5.5 and 6.5cm models. This lure has a small diving lip and goes to 2m deep. The profile is flat but quite tall so it stands out and creates a lot of attention. Also it has a great rattle which starts even with the slowest movement. This is what makes this lure perfect to use in the margins and is guaranteed to catch some beauties. The Fire-Tiger color has a nice shine when the sun is up. So that is a good choice with bright weather.

Eddy te Mebel

Check out the Cranks here

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