Consultants are used with SPRO to create the best possible products that meet the demands of the angler as much as they possibly can. The consultants also add an aspect of innovation. In recent years we have launched products that were far ahead of their time. The innovative mind of our consultants has formed a large part of this success!

Days, weeks, months and years are spent on the bank and at the water to make the best possible products. Our consultants also have an eye for trends. Closely following the latest trends and thinking one step ahead about technology, material combinations and methods have become necessary characteristics for the SPRO consultants, so that we can translate this knowledge to successful products that fit in your assortment!

Prostaff Henk Simonsz Prostaffers 02 Yvo Bindels Consultant DE Salah El Barbouchi Thumb Prostaffers 04 Florian Engelke
Henk Simonsz

Yvo Bindels Salah el Barbouchi Florian Engelke 
Prostaffers 05 Daniel Geadeke Prostaffers 06 Jasmin Spingel Petersen Consultant DE Christian Willam Thumb Prostaffers 08 Jens Epe
Daniel Geadeke

Jasmin Spingel-Petersen

Christian Willam Jens Epe
Prostaffers 09 SPRO USA Bill Siemantel Prostaffers 10 SPRO USA Dean Rojas Prostaffers 11 SPRO USA John Crews Prostaffers 12 Roman Zupko

Bill Siemantel

Dean Rojas
John Crews

Roman Zupko

Prostaffers 31 Bjoern Hengst Prostaffers 32 Waldemar Merdian Prostaffers 41 Sebastian Visse
 Björn Hengst

Waldemar Merdian

Sebastian Visse

Prostaffers 61 Eric Goossens Prostaffers 62 Jan Stam Prostaffers 63 Jan Hennekam Prostaffers 64 Remi Lindhout
Eric Goossens Jan Stam Jan Hennekam Remi Lindhout
Prostaffers 65 Arjan Rijnberg Prostaffers 66 Remco Geuze
Arjan Rijnberg Remco Geuze